The Institute for the Study of Islam is a non-profit think-tank committed to counter-terrorism by helping others understand the enemy. The enemy is not Muslims . . . the enemy is Islam.


What is “Discerning Islam?” Webster’s says to ‘discern’ means to know or to understand something. In our usage here it means knowing Islam, or having knowledge of Islam. This website is not what we believe about Islam or even what we want you to believe about Islam. What this website is about, is what Muslims believe about themselves and their religion. Who or what is a Muslim? Technically, a Muslim is one who believes in Islam, is a worshipper of Allah, and believes that Muhammad was the prophet and messenger of Allah.

But, there is also, much more . . . much, much more. And, we will try to discover and uncover, all that is ISLAM.

Discerning Islam seeks to remove the mystery that surrounds Islam and explain why the world now faces “radical Islam’s” aggressions and atrocities by looking at the eschatology (end times) of Islam.

Sharifa Alkhateeb – C-SPAN 1989 – 

Making America Muslim . . . all of America Muslim.

The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong and active in our country. It’s infiltrated every level of our government. Right now we have many of these people that are advising the US military and State Department on how to respond in the Middle East, and it’s like asking a fox, like a farmer asking a fox, “How do I protect my henhouse from foxes?” We’ve brought in Muslims to tell us how to make policy toward Muslim countries. And many of these people we’ve brought in, I’m afraid, are under the Muslim Brotherhood.” Wikipedia

Franklin Graham, March 22, 2011 during the Obama administration.


Last Update: 01/2022

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